My first post.. simply blabbering..!


Few days ago my Bff told me that we should start blogging and since I always had some hidden instinct to write I an here.When I school I used to write some essays every now and then for my english test. But after 12th I hardly remember having written something of my own.

I never took blogging seriously because I just had no idea as to what am I gonna write. But, now I have decided that since I am writing for myself I should write about myself. So, I am just gonna pen down my day to day experiences. NO! I dont mean I am gonna pen down my daily schedule over here.. not at all.Just things I come across and develop an opinion about it. And I am sure that is indeed a good subject for blogging because these days I find myself developing opinions on almost everything.

Basically, I have decided to write so that I can improve my writing skills, develop my own opinion and judge myself on the basis of how well can I express my thoughts. I can do it using a pen and paper as well but I feel atleast someone out there will come across my blog and may take the pain of going through it and may highlight the pros and cons. So, just to get feedbacks and also to save paper šŸ˜€

Now the first thing I am gonna do is inform my bff about my blog and ask her to read it. Then I am gonna tell about it to my other friends whenever possible so that my chances of being read increases because no matter what there has to be a driving force to make me do something..!

Its over.!

Thanks for reading it… šŸ˜€



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