Have you set your right priorities???


Most of us never think about where we are spending our time.We wake up in the morning and reach the end of the day.Are we clear as in we our utilising our time properly? Though at the end of the day we are tired, but were our efforts in the right direction? Most of us are not aware so as to what our priorities are. We do things thinking that they are important but are they the need of the hour – if yes well and good if no then you must define your priorities to meet the ultimate goal of your life.


One can never have a fix aim.When we fulfill one of our desires we persue another. And with changes in  our goals we need to change our priorities.

Think about all the things you spend your time doing on an average day or even on the weekend. Why do you do those things? Are they really life priorities or do you just do them because that’s what you’ve always done? Or because you just simply enjoy doing that? Or because you are addicted to doing that? Also, do you always do something that’s taking a lot of your time without even realizing it? For example, do you come home and instantly  flip on the tv? Think about why you do that thing. Is it because you’re tired or just because you’ve gotten yourself in a rut without even realizing it?

Do you have a feeling that you are missing up your valuable time?

If yes then it is the time to manage your time and understand your priorities.Now it is important to take out time and decide what do you want from life.Is it friends,fun and peaceful sleep? or Is it fame,money and power? Do you wish to avail maximum returns out of the efforts you put in doing little things in your life? If yes then sit and think where you need to put in efforts.

And once you are through, once you know what your current priority is? In which direction do you need to put in your efforts? How can you get returns by investing your valuable time? Then just get up and get going, do what you are supposed to.

It’s easy to get caught up in the rush just to accomplish all your daily life activities and to not really consider what you want to do or have in your life. Once you know what you want then you can take the steps to achieve it.

At the end, there is a little trick to understand what you do is right for you or not. Let tommorow be just like any other day and at the end note down each and everything you did properly in a numbered order. Then tick the ones you feel will take you towards your goal and cross the ones that take you away. The ticked ones are your priorities and the crossed ones are flaws that you need to eradicate.

And for not deviating repeat this short trick fortnightly and try to achieve maximum numbers of tickmarks in your life.

Priorities are not what you think they are.Priorities are what you make them. Nothing and no person in this world is important unless and untill you make it so. If you achieve what you want from life other things can come back to you later as a complementory gift. Run after your dreams and everything else (may it be fame, finance, friends or foes) will follow you.


3 thoughts on “Have you set your right priorities???

  1. I like it!! This one is really inspirin. It made me realize that why I feel that i don’t have enough time, at the end of the day! I’ll try to work out from today itself! Thank You!

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  3. well, good post again.

    though this time, I slightly disagree, but that’s different life stiles i suppose.

    I understand and agree that prioritizing is very important, it helps you to understand what’s important, urgent, both important and urgent, and neither important Nor urgent.

    ouch! confusing 😦

    read it slowly, and you’ll get a grip 😛

    but what I also think, is sometimes, its good to just trash the proper way of living life, understand your responsibilities,, but do what makes you happy.

    let me explain:

    tomorrow is my exam for service marketing.

    my top most priority at this very moment, is to study. second, is to watch cricket, (worldcup), but i feel like going out and having coke.

    that is neither urgent, nore important, and does not hold any place in my list of priorities.

    but i’m gonna go out, buy coke and have it.
    because i feel like having it, and i guess i gave you the idea of my way of living life?

    oh and by the way, let me do it right now! *coke time*!


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