Exorbitant twists and turns in life…

A few years back, my life took an exorbitant turn,

Because, then stepped in a stupendous person,

He served as an audience to all that I had to say,

Never judging, patiently he would let me convey

All that is filled in me – my mind and my heart,

We talked for hours so long, hating to part,

Senseless but exuberant the conversations were,

Suddenly, one day I called him and my phone beeped “No answer”,

He was gone, I don’t know where,

“Gone!  Without even telling me, how did he dare?”

I was determined; I had to know where he was,

I called his father and Hurrah! Applause!

To pursue higher studies he had moved out of the city,

But still, reaching him was definitely squinty,

Since He hadn’t yet bought himself a number,

To all my despair, I slept and was in deep slumber,

Next day morning, my phone notified a missed call,

From a number, not known to me at all,

I knew it was him, and immediately called back,

It wasn’t him, my rising heart beats, again sank,

The very evening, this stranger called again,

I answered, and to my astonishment, it was him then,

All my anger flew away,

And “Hi!” was all I could manage to say,

I was happy to know he had also missed me,

For leaving abruptly, he felt sorry,

A strange feeling spread over us,

Whatever it was, it felt obvious,

Soon I told him – “I love you”,

And as I was expecting, he loved me too,

Now, we have been together for 8 long years,

And today my eyes are filled with tears,

I love him a lot, but my parents don’t agree,

We have to separate; it’s their final verdict,

We know a day is soon going to come,

Marking in our lives another exorbitant turn,

The stranger I met, will be the same once more,

And we will not be together, ever like before,

“Love makes miracles”, if this is true,

Something will keep from separating “us” into two.








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