Fortune’s brutality


It was a dark night, the weather was turning inclement

Signaling advent of a tyrannous downpour

Aparna, a girl young, beautiful and indigent

Is sitting beside her ill father on the icy floor


Wishing that the winds alleviate

So that she can light the hearth

To prepare her father’s dinner plate

But her wishes held no worth


To her despair, it started raining.

Their hut had an impaired roof,

Couldn’t hold water from draining

Of fortune’s brutality, this was enough a proof


But worse was yet to come,

Continuous showers refrained the water flow

Demonstrating nature’s tantrum

Dumbfounded Aparna looked out of the window


It was a gruesome sight,

People were out of their huts

Running around, to find a safer joint

Water was stagnating, forming deep ruts


Aparna knew, they will have to walk out soon

But was scared, with her father ill and old

She stood there, thinking, as a maroon

“We should move out”, her father told


Aparna looked for a hang-out, danger free,

As she helped her father drag out of their abode,

She caught sight of a huge tree,

That the villagers had stowed


Water drenched them top to toe

Drowning them more than half

Both of them struggled to move with the flow

Towards the tree that accommodated the riffraff


Suddenly, Aparna tripped over a rock

And was carried away by the pour,

She drifted away from the flock

And after two hours was driven ashore


After hours of slumber,

When she returned to consciousness

The scenario around her,

Was speaking of almighty’s heartlessness


Putting herself together,

She decided to return,

For she had left her father,

At the point she had begun


With every part of her aching,

She strode forward

Praying for his well – being,

All the way she whimpered


She saw her father, lying deceased   

Near a damaged cart

She stood their petrified

Fear, Anger and grief occupied her heart


Aparna was left with no one,

To narrate her lamentable story

After the damages this night had done

And added to her life’s misery


3 thoughts on “Fortune’s brutality

  1. sadly, all that has been depicted here, is so true in India.

    every time rain comes, it brings joy, happiness and laughter for some, and for other, it brings challenges, yet another problem they have to face.

    I wish things improve for all of us equally, so in future, no apparna looses her father because of lack of infrastructure

    • yeah… moreover I wanted to say.. sometimes fate is so against you that nothing seems to go right

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