The sand castle

One fine day

Peter and priety went to play

Out on a beach

within thier reach

They played with a ball

But that wasn’t fun at all

Peter knew, making sand castles was fun,

Priety agreed on biulding one

Cute little kids they were

Younger sister priety and elder brother peter

Confused they were, castle making to them was new

Where to begin, they had no clue

But they started, and castle was taking form

Demolishing and rebiulding was thier constructing norm

After hours of struggle

They had biult thier castle

Proud of thier creation, they danced in joy

They were so happy.OH! Boy.

Now, its was time for the sun to set

And soon the children left

All alone the castle stood,

As they left it – moored

After hours, rose the sun

but the kids didn’t return

Wind and water worked thier wit,

Demolished the castle, bit by bit

The castle was sad to be destroyed,

But deep within, he knew the children had enjoyed.


One thought on “The sand castle

  1. this post have various angles..
    giving without expectation and making others smile being the central theme according to me.

    it shows how much humans can learn from mother nature!

    “there was this man, and people called him mad.
    the more he gave, the more he had!!!”

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