Life teaches you in many ways!

This journey started when we formed a group

You, me and three of our friends constituted the troop

You said you knew what we were after

And assured me of working harder

To accomplish that which was our common goal

I thought you were keen and will put in your heart and soul

But either I expected too much or you were no better than that

Or maybe you thought I can easily be flimflammed

Whatever you do – work or not, you will manage to get that what you want

Because others were laborious and till the end they won’t levant

But you were mistaken, my dear friend

Whatever you did, I could easily comprehend

I tried to help at every possible step

So that you can give better than your best

But you showed no interest and then I knew that was it

I thought we were working together, but you proved me a dimwit

I worked hard and harder, trying to put it together again

Rebuking and looking down on you since then

For it was you because of whom I couldn’t act

In the way I was expected and supposed to present

But then I thought

This is not all your fault

So, I should not put all the blame on you

Instead, I felt like thanking you

Because, it’s you, who has made me learn

That when it comes to work, I shall trust no one


2 thoughts on “Life teaches you in many ways!

  1. so true.

    some people inspire you how not to be like them!

    seeing positively out of negative happenings, is what makes you a winner ultimately.

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