A thing of beauty :)

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the observers”

Is a quotation in the lime light

A “thing of beauty”, thus, so differs

Soul to soul conforming to their viewpoint


Beauty is omnipresent and eternal,

Existing in tangible and intangible forms:

A woman, a butterfly or a flower

Feelings, expertise, values or norms


Beauty to a poor man is his hard earned wage

And so to a patriot is his nation.

Beauty to a mother is her child’s smiling face

And so to an entrepreneur is his gain.


A “thing of beauty” directly touches your heart:

For a musician its music,

For an artist its art,

And so for me it is ‘relationship’


Life is a journey full of things so elegant

Which touch your soul from beginning to end

If you look a little closer you will understand

Life itself is a “thing of beauty” – incessant.






One thought on “A thing of beauty :)

  1. awesome!! Loved how you composed and expressed it. Really, some times, its our prospective that makes anything ugly or beautiful!! Keep it up 🙂

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