Friendship beyond boundaries.!

We traversed the same trail,

preparing an exquisite bale

of memories – to ponder upon in future,

which will fill our lives with the requisite luster.

The time has now come,

and the package needs to be undone,

Coz now we are walking on different roads,

In the direction of our separate goals

However, the distance is considerable,

I assure you, our bond will be stable.

Because you are not alone and will never be,

And you will always be there for me.

May be the “hugs” have come to a halt,

But “flying kisses” can replace that part,

You can still wipe off my tears,

and reveal to me your innermost fears.

Distance doesn’t matters for those residing in heart,

L to R: Nikita and Priyanka

And any number of miles can’t break us apart,

We love each other and will forever do,

Because “pinka”, our friendship is really true.


3 thoughts on “Friendship beyond boundaries.!

  1. Oh nikka u r so ryt
    Be it d darkest nyt
    Or may d sun shine bright
    M sure u wl always b thr
    And abt distance, i do not care
    Cz thr r means 2 share,
    Connect, chat n see each other
    So now no need to think wether
    We’ll b together or not forever
    No doubt.. Our frndship is beyond boundaries
    To b precise.. Its ol over d place πŸ™‚
    Lv u

    • awww…. overwhelmed i feel
      to see your zeal,
      with me u comply
      i surely love your reply
      my belief grows dense
      gaining your acceptance

      love u

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