After you!

Everything came to rest
At that very point in time,
When you turned your back
And walked out of my life.

The dark lord took over,
Eliminating any single flash of light.
Loneliness crept along with woe.
Happiness vanished out of sight.

I am lost in the infinite cold,
Betrayed by my own reflection,
Befuddled And forlorn;
Searching for something/someone,

May be,its me whom i m looking for
Because with you gone, i am no more the same
My heart has lost its throb
And so is the effect on my brain

Nothing seems familiar,
And what does, makes me cry
Yes, i find myself crying more
And I don’t understand why?

Life has reduced its momentum
and is getting heavier with time.
I am now finding it difficult
To put up with its obscure rhyme.


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