A Father


First love of a daughter

A son’s best pal

Takes care of all your needs

Holds you through biggest of troubles

Encourages you to work very hard

Right from the start.

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Can you please?

It has been nine years, since I have known thee

And it took me four years, to notice your love for me

Now, after five years of love and affection

I wish to put forth a proposition

Can u please continue to take care of me, and be by my side?

Can u please continue to cheer me up, and bear my mood swings?

Can u please continue to embrace me in your arms, and make me sleep?

You complete me and make my heart beat

I love you and without you my life is incomplete

So, can u please continue to love me forever, and be my everything?



The feeling creeps in all over again

Rekindling my bosom’s gravest pain

Anguish accompanied by helplessness

Gradually wipes off happiness


At this threshold

I need you close

Only your presence has the power

To abrogate the jinxed hour


Your love turns back the clock

Ships of joy board my dock

Pulling me into the dreamland again

Momentarily pacifying my gravest pain



I feel like crying out loud
Reveal my loneliness to someone
But for listeners, i have none
No friends, no family around

Everyone is busy in their own world
For me,I guess no one cares
A minute, even, no one spares
I wish, my wishes were heard

But no, they are not
Even the almighty has turned his back
Happiness, is all that i now lack
I really miss the older days a lot

Of togetherness and fun,
The times which, to me, allure
The days when i was sure
Of being important to at least someone

Now i know not
If i have somebody out there
Ready to hear, ready to share
All that i have got

After you!

Everything came to rest
At that very point in time,
When you turned your back
And walked out of my life.

The dark lord took over,
Eliminating any single flash of light.
Loneliness crept along with woe.
Happiness vanished out of sight.

I am lost in the infinite cold,
Betrayed by my own reflection,
Befuddled And forlorn;
Searching for something/someone,

May be,its me whom i m looking for
Because with you gone, i am no more the same
My heart has lost its throb
And so is the effect on my brain

Nothing seems familiar,
And what does, makes me cry
Yes, i find myself crying more
And I don’t understand why?

Life has reduced its momentum
and is getting heavier with time.
I am now finding it difficult
To put up with its obscure rhyme.

Friendship beyond boundaries.!

We traversed the same trail,

preparing an exquisite bale

of memories – to ponder upon in future,

which will fill our lives with the requisite luster.

The time has now come,

and the package needs to be undone,

Coz now we are walking on different roads,

In the direction of our separate goals

However, the distance is considerable,

I assure you, our bond will be stable.

Because you are not alone and will never be,

And you will always be there for me.

May be the “hugs” have come to a halt,

But “flying kisses” can replace that part,

You can still wipe off my tears,

and reveal to me your innermost fears.

Distance doesn’t matters for those residing in heart,

L to R: Nikita and Priyanka

And any number of miles can’t break us apart,

We love each other and will forever do,

Because “pinka”, our friendship is really true.