A Father


First love of a daughter

A son’s best pal

Takes care of all your needs

Holds you through biggest of troubles

Encourages you to work very hard

Right from the start.

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Can you please?

It has been nine years, since I have known thee

And it took me four years, to notice your love for me

Now, after five years of love and affection

I wish to put forth a proposition

Can u please continue to take care of me, and be by my side?

Can u please continue to cheer me up, and bear my mood swings?

Can u please continue to embrace me in your arms, and make me sleep?

You complete me and make my heart beat

I love you and without you my life is incomplete

So, can u please continue to love me forever, and be my everything?


Friendship beyond boundaries.!

We traversed the same trail,

preparing an exquisite bale

of memories – to ponder upon in future,

which will fill our lives with the requisite luster.

The time has now come,

and the package needs to be undone,

Coz now we are walking on different roads,

In the direction of our separate goals

However, the distance is considerable,

I assure you, our bond will be stable.

Because you are not alone and will never be,

And you will always be there for me.

May be the “hugs” have come to a halt,

But “flying kisses” can replace that part,

You can still wipe off my tears,

and reveal to me your innermost fears.

Distance doesn’t matters for those residing in heart,

L to R: Nikita and Priyanka

And any number of miles can’t break us apart,

We love each other and will forever do,

Because “pinka”, our friendship is really true.

I wish you loved me the way I do….

Whenever I was walking on air,

I wished of being accompanied by you,

Whenever I was facing despair,

I wished I could unveil it to you,

Whenever I was at top of the ladder,

I wished of being accompanied by you,

Whenever I was facing a disaster,

I wish I could unveil it to you,

Every journey that I need to deal with,

I wish of being accompanied by you,

Every instant that life has to show me,

I wish I could unveil it to you,

My feelings are true, all from my heart,

I wish I could exhibit them to you,

The importance you have – my life’s important part,

I wish I could unveil it to you,

But I know, no matter what,

Though I wish I could see it in you,

I was never and won’t ever be that important part,

which I always wished to be for you,

This really hurts, though, I never illustrate,

I wish there was something that I could do,

To make things the way none of us can regret,

I wish you loved me the way I do…!! ❤

The Bride



There she stands, with a gradient glance

Wrapped up in her ornate wedding attire

Putting everyone around her in a trance


Today she bags in happiness from the world entire

Carrying an emotional blend of shyness and pride

Experiencing what was once a desire


Overjoyed she feels – she is the bride

With the man of her dreams

An everlasting knot is going to be tied


Beneath the sky, by the shine of moonbeams

Stepping into a commitment, that shall never fail

Nothing can go wrong within the realms


By the modesty of her bridal veil

Imbibing within the purity of promises seven

By the power of the black thread so frail


Their union will be spoken of in the heaven

Love will flourish and together they will stay

She promises, till her last breath is taken



Exorbitant twists and turns in life…

A few years back, my life took an exorbitant turn,

Because, then stepped in a stupendous person,

He served as an audience to all that I had to say,

Never judging, patiently he would let me convey

All that is filled in me – my mind and my heart,

We talked for hours so long, hating to part,

Senseless but exuberant the conversations were,

Suddenly, one day I called him and my phone beeped “No answer”,

He was gone, I don’t know where,

“Gone!  Without even telling me, how did he dare?”

I was determined; I had to know where he was,

I called his father and Hurrah! Applause!

To pursue higher studies he had moved out of the city,

But still, reaching him was definitely squinty,

Since He hadn’t yet bought himself a number,

To all my despair, I slept and was in deep slumber,

Next day morning, my phone notified a missed call,

From a number, not known to me at all,

I knew it was him, and immediately called back,

It wasn’t him, my rising heart beats, again sank,

The very evening, this stranger called again,

I answered, and to my astonishment, it was him then,

All my anger flew away,

And “Hi!” was all I could manage to say,

I was happy to know he had also missed me,

For leaving abruptly, he felt sorry,

A strange feeling spread over us,

Whatever it was, it felt obvious,

Soon I told him – “I love you”,

And as I was expecting, he loved me too,

Now, we have been together for 8 long years,

And today my eyes are filled with tears,

I love him a lot, but my parents don’t agree,

We have to separate; it’s their final verdict,

We know a day is soon going to come,

Marking in our lives another exorbitant turn,

The stranger I met, will be the same once more,

And we will not be together, ever like before,

“Love makes miracles”, if this is true,

Something will keep from separating “us” into two.