The author – me

Hello readers,

Initially, I decided that I am not going to pen down an

That's me!

ything about me because I created this blog to share what I write. But, since, everything over here has a direct relation with “ME”, I have decided to briefly introduce myself…

Born and brought up in Indore –  India , I am a 20 year old girl named NIKITA. I live with my family of 5 members My dad, mum, li’l brother, a sister and me. I am on the verge of completing my graduation ( i.e. BMS) and am planning to get an MBA next. Simultaneously, I am gonna pursue a diploma course in animations and visual effects.

I have always had an inclination towards writing, but I never took it seriously. Then, sometime back, being compelled by a friend I created this blog  and realised blogging is something I enjoy and here I am posting random things that reside in my mind.

Other things that I fancy are Gardening and Drawing. I also have a creative side that keeps turning out every now and then, forcing me to be involved into activities like origamy, scrapbooking, clay moulding and candle making. Lately, I have landed myself  into the world of music – just started taking violin lessons ( hope I will be able to manage it well :D)

Just like everybody else, there are somethings I like and some that i dislike but one thing that I hate is smoking. So, to all smokers out there – ” Smoke! but only after you lock yourself up in a room with no windows, I love my life and I am sure others do too.” And what I love the most is, obviously, “myself” (actually pretty obsessed).

I guess that is all I have to say, and you can know me more by reading  “potpourri” cause more or less it is linked with my life.




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